Fleets can now access Whip Around’s comprehensive fleet maintenance solutions directly from within the Road-powered fleet Marketplace

Palo Alto, CA (May 19, 2023) – Roadz, a leading fleet tech company transforming the siloed commercial fleet industry, announced today that fleet maintenance software platform Whip Around has joined the Roadz-powered Marketplace of smart fleet solutions. The partnership expands access to easy-to-use preventative maintenance resources for fleet drivers, mechanics and managers.

“We’re very proud to have Whip Around onboard,” said Amit Jain, COO of Roadz. “Connectivity is the driver behind everything we do at Roadz, which makes them a perfect partner to help us further connect the fleet industry. Through integrated data, streamlined experiences and, user-friendly tools, together we can help fleets achieve their most important goals.”

An award-winning software, Whip Around improves fleet vehicle and equipment uptime by keeping inspections, work orders and fleet health data connected. It offers fleets a holistic view into maintenance and compliance requirements, helping them to improve safety, reduce downtime, and save money.

“The whole idea is to help fleet managers take control and empower them to become fleet champions,” said Noah Hickey, CEO of Whip Around. “Being part of Roadz’s ecosystem allows us to do just that. Our solutions are used by thousands of companies and fleet professionals and this is another step to bringing better fleet maintenance to thousands more.”

The Roadz-powered Marketplace is a connected ecosystem of fleet management solutions that comprehensively address the challenges and goals of fleets. From within a unified interface, fleet managers and other stakeholders can easily discover, try, buy and use pre-integrated solutions from industry-leading providers that best address their productivity, safety and compliance needs. 


About Roadz

Roadz is a unique “Marketplace and Data” platform, which serves the needs of the Fleet-Tech market. Companies can stand-up a marketplace with 3rd-party solutions in a fraction of the time. Fleet managers and others with Fleet-Tech needs can browse, buy and access curated third-party solutions via an integrated and seamless experience. Roadz is powering the marketplaces of a few of the largest Fleet-Tech solution providers in North America.

About Whip Around

Whip Around is a powerful, yet easy-to-use fleet maintenance software solution that connects drivers, mechanics and fleet operators to improve the uptime across their fleet operations. Whip Around operates in North America and Australasia and serves hundreds of thousands of users and assets worldwide across all commercial fleet industry verticals. The company’s mission is to keep the world’s fleets moving by accelerating information.

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