Unified Fleet

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end-to-end visibility.

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Single Source of Truth for Fleet Assets

Roadz platform is the Single source of truth for fleet resources – Unified data integrated across dozens of leading fleet management solutions.

It builds a virtual world of digital twins of fleet resources like vehicles, drivers, trailers, containers, parking,charging stations, gas stations, equipment, fleet structure, cameras and more.

Centralized Fleet Task and Alerts Management

The Unified application allows users to create and manage rules, alerts and tasks based on KPIs from multiple sources.

Unified dashboards, tasks, alerts, and Gen AI based insights with data across fleet solutions used by the fleet.

Gen AI KPI reporting and Custom Dashboards

Users can create custom reports using natural language to run relevant queries and save them as reports in a fraction of the time compared to making such requests to their technical teams.

Users get actionable insights to drive business and operational decisions in a fraction of time.

Get a clear end-to-end picture in real-time, without toggling between multiple dashboards or working with siloed data.