Leverage our data integration system for a competitive edge

The fleet management ecosystem has undergone a transformation over the past several years, leading to more data being collected than ever before. This information holds the power to optimize how fleets operate today. The problem, however, is that much of this data is stuck in silos, making it difficult to access and impossible to conceptualize in the context of other datasets. This limits fleets’ ability to take action and improve their own operations.

Many solutions providers want to meet this fleet customer need, but struggle with technical resource constraints. They have big backlogs of such initiatives. In some instances, this means losing a new customer deal or an existing customer.

So, given the domain expertise in the fleet management industry, Roadz has come up with a great solution. We offer our data integration platform as a standalone service to solution providers. Our clients can access normalized data from solutions which have already been integrated onto the Roadz data platform. Additionally, we work on new solution integrations based on the priority of our client!

In terms of our business model, unlike other integration service providers who charge by the hour, we offer a tiered monthly subscription service. Moreover, we do not bill the client for the integration service until the first integration is complete.

The Roadz integration platform is available with two business models:

1. Fixed monthly tiered pricing for solutions providers:





Platform Access: # of Pre-integrated Apps*

Up to 10 Apps

Full Access

Full Access

New Integration Requests Per Month**

Up to 2 Integrations

Up to 5 Integrations

Up to 8 Integrations

Roadz Integrated Map application




Roadz Unified Events Log




* Solution providers can select pre-integrated applications from the Roadz data integration platform. Roadz will continue to integrate apps onto its platform on an on-going basis.

** The limit on new integration requests per month includes engineering, business development and legal contract hours. The per-hour price is significantly lower than market price because data integration is not a profit center for Roadz.

Excluded integrations in this business model: Developing a standalone application which uses data from both the solution providers and a third-party app; ERP or similar system integrations that include specialized configurations; integrating solution provider’s data with a Fleet’s proprietary system. Roadz and the solution provider may agree to undertake such integrations for an additional fee.”

2. Integration maintenance fee for fleets:

Solution providers may want their fleet customers to pay for data integrations enabled by Roadz rather than paying it themselves. In such cases they can refer their fleet customer to Roadz and we will estimate each integration request separately. The solution provider can expose the Roadz brand to their customers as an external integration partner, or provide the service under their own brand in a white-label model. The fee to the fleet customer will be a monthly maintenance fee with no upfront integration cost.

The solution provider will be entitled to a 30% revenue share from Roadz, which they may either keep, or use as further discount to their fleet customers to show them additional value.

Key Benefits:

  • Extension of your development team for API integration (Roadz responsible for contracts, API and data integration, vendor management)
  • A monthly SaaS subscription service instead of bill by hour.
  • Two models including one where a solution provider’s fleet customer will bear the costs of integration.

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