The litigation landscape has become a particularly hostile one for commercial fleets that have been involved in traffic accidents. Fleets are getting hit harder than ever with ‘nuclear verdicts’ as a result of factors including: 

  • A rise in law firms specializing in fleet accidents
  • An increase in drivers using mobile devices for operational support 
  • Widespread awareness of device distraction dangers

An article from LifeSaver, one of the solution providers in the ROADZ ecosystem, also reveals a recent tactic among attorneys to ‘paint a picture of fleet corporate irresponsibility,’ laying sole accident blame on truck drivers and winning, even with very thin cases.

The impact of these verdicts can be devastating, leading to high penalty costs, increased insurance rates and even business closings. 

One of the best ways for fleets to protect themselves in this environment is to engage with smart safety applications that can be embedded into their drivers’ devices. For example, LifeSaver offers an app which blocks drivers from using their phones and tablets while they drive. 

Proactive risk management, along with comprehensive driver training, can help fleets avoid the detriment of ‘nuclear verdicts’. Read the article below to learn more. 

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