fleet trucks lined up outside of warehouse

Digital insurance empowers SMB fleets to finally compete with enterprise companies

Opportunities that were once out of reach for SMB trucking fleets, have become increasingly accessible thanks to AI and smart solutions like route optimization and load matching. Insurtech companies like Roadz partner Loadsure, continue to enable that trend by offering small trucking companies immediate access to cost-effective, per-load insurance coverage, further leveling the playing field for fleets across the board and giving SMBs the chance to compete with enterprise companies and seek new business opportunities.

The digitalization of insurance offers SMB fleets these benefits: 

  • Access to scalable solutions that create efficiency and don’t require enterprise-level resources 
  • Opportunity to service high-value loads without the pressure to purchase expensive annual policies
  • The freedom to book loads with insurance carriers of their choice rather than going through a cumbersome search for high limit carriers 
  • The ability to operate as a one-stop shop, supporting customer retention and opening doors for pursuing new business opportunities

Innovative companies in the fleet space like Loadsure and Roadz share similar aspirations to offer fleets of all sizes access to smart solutions that improve efficiency, foster innovation and lead to more growth. 

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