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Integration of Smart Solutions

How the integration of smart solutions can help fleet managers avoid ‘data overload’

The many responsibilities of fleet managers all ladder up to a few major priorities, one of them being increased efficiency. But, fleet managers face a variety of challenges that can get in the way of successfully reaching their goals of efficient operations. 

After conducting hundreds of conversations with fleet managers about the struggles they face regularly, Pitstop, a partner on the Roadz Ecosystem, analyzed the responses and compiled their findings to share what stood out most commonly. In a recent blog post, they’ve highlighted these top three challenges fleet managers are facing today:

  1. Minimizing operational costs
  2. Managing data overload
  3. Maintaining uptime 

While certainly overwhelming, these challenges drive opportunity and make way for solution providers to deliver innovation that helps lighten the load for fleet managers. In this post, we’re taking a deeper dive into one of Pitstop’s highlighted challenges: managing data overload. 

The challenge of managing ‘data overload’

Data can be an extremely powerful resource. The problem is that it’s infinite and humans aren’t meant to successfully process infinite amounts of information. The shift to ‘connected’ vehicles has led to the accumulation of so much data that fleet managers can struggle to sift through it all and identify what actually matters to them. Rather than using the collected data effectively, fleet managers find themselves paralyzed with information, unable to see through the volume and take what they need to inform and address the challenges and needs unique to their fleet. 

How integrated data can generate useful insights for fleets

On top of the volume of data being generated by connected vehicles, fleets are often stuck working within siloed environments. They have different solutions to address their different challenges, but those solutions aren’t always well-integrated. That leaves fleet managers hopping from dashboard to dashboard, or system to system in search of helpful information. Connectivity of integrated solutions provides fleets with improved visibility into their operations and clarity around the data collected. When large amounts of data are integrated across their solutions, fleet managers are empowered to:

  • More effectively generate actionable insights
  • Foster better decision-making
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Increase their ROI  

It’s helpful to find solution providers that integrate with other platforms, so you can get a connected and holistic view of your fleet vehicles’ statuses and become a more strategic decision-maker, rather than drowning in stats from siloed systems. 

A connected ecosystem, such as the partner community Roadz has built, gives fleets access to pre-integrated smart solutions like Pitstop, which allows for vehicle data sharing across disparate solutions and platforms. To avoid the challenge of ‘data overload’, fleet managers need an integrated platform that enables them to effectively address its data duplication and overload head-on so they can successfully reach their efficiency goals.

More About Pitstop
Pitstop offers predictive fleet maintenance solutions that enable fleets to take advantage of insights on the health of their vehicles, predictions of equipment failure and overall cost savings. To read the full article from Pipstop on the top challenges fleet managers face and how to overcome them, click