Announcing Launch of Roadz Unified Fleet Workspace: A Transformative Work Environment for Fleets

First-of-its-kind, fully integrated, cross-application workspace harnesses the power of Gen AI to help fleets optimize their operations and achieve their business goals

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Roadz, a Silicon Valley based fleet-tech company, announced the launch of its Unified Fleet Workspace, a category-defining fleet management solution which helps commercial fleets solve one of their biggest problems: making business and operational decisions based on siloed data from too many applications.

Amit Jain

“We started our journey of integrating the fragmented fleet management solution segment with the launch of the Roadz open ecosystem and marketplace platform more than three years ago,” said Ran Mayroz, founder and CEO of Roadz. “We’re now entering the next phase in our journey with the introduction of the Roadz Unified Fleet Workspace. The data we’ve been integrating across different types of fleet management solutions will now be available to fleet managers in a simple and flexible unified work environment. A recent major survey shows that unification of the work environment across solutions is a top need of fleet managers. We believe that the combination of unified data, a unified work environment, and the power of Generative AI will change the fleet management industry in profound ways.”

The Roadz Unified Fleet Workspace eliminates the need for fleet managers to navigate across multiple third-party applications, each with its own separate data structure and portal. With an integrated view, fleet managers can make smarter and quicker decisions, reduce operating costs, and increase productivity, safety, and compliance. The Roadz Unified Fleet Workspace is available not only to fleets but also to solution providers who can white label the solution and offer it to their fleet customers.

“Nearly half of fleets use more than 10 different fleet management solutions,” said Amit Jain, co-founder and COO of Roadz. “The problem is that most of these solutions are not integrated with each other, with the result being that fleet stakeholders end up with too many dashboards, too many user experiences, and worst of all, suboptimal decisions based on fragmented information. The Roadz Unified Fleet Workspace not only provides a ‘single-pane-of-glass’ experience, but also delivers the ability to make robust and holistic decisions based on real-time, integrated datasets across solutions. Jumping between multiple dashboards and trying to make sense of siloed data is a huge burden for fleet managers and it doesn’t bring the expected results. Roadz wants to put actionable insights at managers’ fingertips to help them achieve their goals.”

Roadz Expands Capabilities with Unified Fleet Workspace

Roadz is already known for powering digital marketplaces for some of the largest global automotive, insurance, and fleet management companies with users benefiting from a one-stop shop of best-of-breed, pre-integrated fleet management solutions. The Roadz ecosystem today includes more than 80 leading fleet management solutions, and is growing each month. Now, with the launch of the Roadz Unified Fleet Workspace, fleet managers will be able to accomplish much more:

— Set business and operational goals and measure them across different solutions and datasets

— Configure dashboards, reports, alerts, and tasks based on unified data

— Have a single source of truth for fleet assets, which automatically pushes updates to different fleet solutions used

To learn more about the Roadz Unified Fleet Workspace, watch this video.

Generative AI Is Coming to Unified Fleet Workspace

In March, Roadz is expected to announce the integration of Generative AI capabilities into the Unified Fleet Workspace, making it possible for fleet managers to ask questions about their fleet operations using natural language. Roadz’s unified Gen AI will provide actionable insights based on unified fleet data to further facilitate effective decision making. With Gen AI capabilities, fleet managers will be able to set their own business goals, generate new types of reports and dashboards, ask for alerts on specific events, and get recommendations and insights, all using natural human language.

Want to try the Unified Fleet Workspace? Commercial fleet operators with at least 100 vehicles under management can apply now to the Roadz Unified Fleet Workspace beta program. For more information, go here.

About Roadz

Roadz, a Silicon Valley fleet-tech company, is transforming the fleet management market from a siloed and fragmented industry into an integrated, open ecosystem. The Roadz platform brings together siloed datasets to solve key challenges for fleets and solution providers. For fleets, the Roadz Unified Fleet Workspace provides an integrated cross-application workspace which harnesses the power of Gen AI to help fleets optimize and achieve their goals. For solution providers, the Roadz Marketplace in a Box platform enables the rapid launch of integrated partner ecosystems and new distribution channels. Roadz customers include some of the largest global automotive, insurance, and energy companies. For more information, visit

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2024 Roadz Buying Guide to Choose the Right Fleet Management Tech

Are you confident that you are investing in the right fleet technology for your company? 

From improving fuel efficiency to enhancing driver safety, fleet technology solutions offer a wide range of benefits. But with so many options available in the market, finding the perfect fit for your business can be overwhelming. Fret not! In this comprehensive fleet tech buying guide, we’ll walk you through the essential factors to consider and help you make an informed decision.

What Issue are you trying to solve? 

Solve for Short term, Plan for long term
Short Term: What problem are you trying to solve today with Fleet tech? Think broadly for e.g. fuel savings, improved driver safety, better route planning, compliance with regulations, etc .

While looking for solutions to solve this current pain point, look for tech that 

  • Can solve multiple issues Or 
  • vendors who offer multiple solutions in a bundle Or
  • Marketplaces that offer solutions for more than one problem.

Do you want to invest in a solution that would allow you to easily add another solution in the future,
or should you go for one that just meets your current need?

Make a decision not on Price but TCO

Most purchases, especially tech purchases, start with the budget allocated. Typically we look for solutions that fall within our price range. The important questions to be asked with respect to Fleet tech is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Calculating TCO includes – 

  • Cost of Acquisition – This covers the initial purchase price/licensing fees, installation (one time), maintenance (typically monthly), and implementation cost
  • Cost of Operation – Does your acquisition cost also include cost of operation? Things like training the team to use the tool, customer support, routine maintenance (if there is hardware). If not, what are the charges on that?
  • Cost of growth and update – Are their additional fees for new users/licenses? For Patches to fix bugs? Expenses for new versions of the software to replace or enhance the existing solution. Costs related to industry regulations and standards

For many of the solutions, negotiations should not be on price alone but also on other benefits included for the price charged

Integration across Solutions for Optimal Reporting and Decisions 

Not many solutions offer integrations with other popular solutions in Fleet tech. However, picking ones that do, helps fleet leverage great advantages that integrations provide, namely 

  • Enhance Efficiency and Productivity – Integrated solutions allow solutions to talk to each other. Integrating data from different solutions results in less time trying to manually collate data from different sources. All lead to greater efficiency and better use of resources
  • Improve Data Accuracy and Consistency – When Data, Insights and reporting are integrated, there is ‘One-source-of-truth’ in data. With GenAI tools, insights are based on verified data and in real time
  • Streamline Reporting and Analysis – One source of truth leads to a single pane of glass reporting, without having to spend time, and effort for manual work and greater accuracy
  • Enable Seamless Workflow and Communication

While it is critical to ensure there is integration with the tech already in the company, the need of the hour is how well does their data integrate with other solutions? 

More and more fleet managers do not have an issue with performance data but more with gaining consistent insights and data that can be meshed together to provide a holistic view.

Does the company you are considering offer this?

Innovation and Scalability

Future proofing the fleet tech solution you are considering is crucial to ensure not only to retain the advantages from the technology you are investing in but also to ensure you dont waste valuable resources on evaluating the same tech again. Some things to consider for future proofing is to see if your solution is 

  • Adaptable and scalable –  Will it meet the evolving needs of your fleet as technology continues to advance. 
  • Does it offer regular updates and enhancements to keep up with industry trends and address emerging challenges. 
  • Is it Compatible with other systems and technologies, as this will allow for seamless integration and future expansion. 
  • On the trajectory of frequent Innovation and Growth – How often do they release a new feature? How does their feature list compare with other competitors?

Investing in a future-proof fleet tech solution will not only save you time and money in the long run but also give you a competitive edge in a rapidly changing market


In conclusion, when it comes to buying fleet tech, there are several key factors to consider. Firstly, it’s important to assess the current specific needs and future goals of your fleet operation. This will help you determine what features and functionalities are essential for your business. 

Secondly, Future proof the solution you consider on TCO and on Innovation. Additionally, seeking feedback and recommendations from other fleet operators can provide valuable insights. 

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that fleet technology is constantly evolving, so choosing a solution provider that offers data integration is crucial to realize the maximum benefits from the solution and drive holistic and optimal business decisions.