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Awareness training can help protect fleets from staged accidents

There is certainly no shortage of safety concerns among fleet managers, as driver safety is among their top priorities. There’s always risk on the road and the responsibility to keep drivers protected comes with real pressure. What makes matters even more challenging is the threat of staged accidents and fraudulent claims.

In a blog post from Roadz Marketplace partner Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, they cover the unfortunate prevalence of staged accidents like t-bone and sideswipe scams, the actors involved and how fleets can protect themselves from becoming a victim.

Infinit-I suggests that these staged accidents may be the consequence of increased verdicts awarding $1 million or more in lawsuits. In a report called Understanding the Impact of Nuclear Verdicts on the Trucking Industry, from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), they cite that these larger payouts have increased 1,054% since 2011, a trend encouraging to fraudsters and daunting to fleets.

According to Infinit-I, “These scams often involve entire teams, including medical and legal personnel working with fake victims and fake witnesses to defraud trucking companies and insurance companies.” 

When you consider the level of coordination and involvement that can go into these scams, it can be difficult for fleets to feel like they stand a chance. However, Infinit-I provides steps that can be taken to help protect fleets from the dangers of staged accidents. These include the use of dash cams, on-scene picture taking and above all, training. Providing comprehensive training around staged incidents can help drivers remain aware of fraudsters on the road and prepare for the possibilities.

Staged accidents threaten the lives of commercial fleet drivers and other innocent victims. Roadz partners with top training solution providers like Infinit-I to help fleet managers mitigate risk and keep drivers safe on the road. 

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions provides fleets with a cloud-based learning management system, an intuitive platform that’s easy to use, track progress and compile reports. To read the full blog post from Infinit-I on the issue of staged accidents and how fleets can protect themselves, click below. 

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